Beat the Heat When You’re Working Out

Summer is almost here! The season we’ve all been waiting for – the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and you can take your workouts outside! Though the temperatures may be more moderate now, it’s only a matter of time before those hot, hot, hot triple-digit temps may make you want to move back inside! Follow these tips to keep your summer workouts safe while you’re in the great outdoors.

Stay hydrated. Keep that bottle of water handy! Dehydration can be dangerous—and staying hydrated can be difficult if you’re sweating hard in the heat. Drink up before, during and after your workout, even if you don’t feel thirsty. (By the time you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated!) And while you may not need an electrolyte-filled drink for your standard workout, on a sweaty, hot and humid afternoon, it may just help you keep hydrated.

Avoid the peak heat. Working out mid-afternoon into the early evening will make your routine tougher—not to mention leave you prone to dehydration or heat stroke. Schedule your workout for the early morning or later in the evening, when the temperatures are at their coolest. I love getting outside early in the morning for a brisk walk – then my workout is out of the way for the day!

Don’t push it. A scorching hot day isn’t the time to try to beat your personal record or add an extra 15 minutes to your walk. Stick with a lighter workout, and save the challenge for a cooler day.

Make a splash with your workout. If you have access to a pool, swimming laps or doing water aerobics can give you a great workout and help you keep your cool! If not, consider ways to stay active and chill out—have a water balloon battle with your kids, try out surfing or sailing, or even just run through the sprinkler. Plus you can always try one of my favorite fitness moves, that will make you feel like you’re “swimming”! “Swimming” is one of my favorite Pilates exercise moves because it works you whole body. Learn how to do it!

Dress for the heat. Choose light-colored, lightweight workout wear that won’t absorb the sun’s heat. Look for wicking fabrics that can pull sweat away from your skin, helping you feel a little bit cooler. (And don’t forget the sunscreen, so you can minimize the chances of a sunburn!)

Break your workout up. Rather than taking one long walk in the heat of the afternoon, split your workout into smaller chunks—take three 10-minute walks, for instance. You still get all of the benefits, without the risk of overexerting yourself! Use a pedometer to ensure you’re hitting your step count goal for the day.

Take it indoors. Take your workout to the gym, walk laps around the mall, or focus on strength training in your air-conditioned home. Whether you try a few fitness moves from your favorite DVD, exercises on my website, or simply jump rope, you’ll be able to burn calories and still keep your cool.


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