Springtime Workouts!

Spring has arrived… Which means summer isn’t too far away! Don’t worry – you still have time to get your arms ready for sleeveless blouses – and get those legs toned up for shorts! Here are a few easy workout ideas for you to try inside or outside – whatever the weather is like in your area!

• Invest in a few key workout-anywhere items. All you need is a good jump rope, a set of weights, medicine ball, and a resistance band, and you’ve got a great workout you can do just about anywhere! Stash them in a drawer in your living room or your kitchen, and take a mini workout break whenever you have a free minute. Try jumping rope or lifting weights while you’re watching TV!

• Get your family involved. Keep your kids and your mate from turning into couch potatoes by finding fun ways for everyone to stay active. Try turning up your favorite tunes for a dance party, taking a turn with one of the active-player video games like the Wii or Xbox Kinect, or even play a quick game of charades. Anything that keeps you active and having fun! You could even try my latest DVD, Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance, which is a fun dance workout the entire family can enjoy!

• Start a pedometer challenge. Encourage some healthy competition in your family by purchasing inexpensive pedometers for yourself, your kids, and your spouse to wear to help you all remember to walk more throughout the day. They’re an easy way to count your steps and keep track of how much movement you’re getting — even the younger ones will be able to participate! Try setting a family goal (maybe it’s 10,000 steps a day) or create teams and try to beat each other’s step counts each week. Your kids will love competing, and you may notice some weight loss.

• Look for other indoor options. Community centers often have inexpensive fitness classes for all ages—everything from martial arts to tai chi. Or look for a local sports league where you can play indoor volleyball or soccer, and have a lot of fun meeting other people, too!

• Build some muscle. You don’t need a lot of space (or even a lot of equipment) to strength train. If you don’t have weights, you can use jugs of water, books or other heavy items in its place. Or use your own body weight via pushups, planks, and crunches.

• Sneak in little shots of exercise. Find ways to sneak in fitness, even when you’re stuck indoors. You can walk around while you chat on the phone, boogie down while you dust your house, or do jumping jacks instead of zipping through the commercials on your favorite show.

• Take the stairs. Running up and down the stairs—especially if you’re carrying a basket of laundry or a sleepy toddler—can give you a great workout. Try to pick up the pace on your climbs up the stairs to boost your workout.

• Find a buddy. Working out is more fun when you share it with someone else! Ask your walking buddy to join you at your house for an impromptu “boot camp” or to practice some yoga moves. You can inspire and motivate each other to stick with your workout routine—even if the weather (or your allergies) don’t cooperate.

Written for Rite Aid by DeniseAustin.com

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