Summertime Workouts With the Family!

For many of us, August brings that last stretch of wonderful warm weather and time off with the family, before the big rush and hectic schedules of back-to-school time. While these may be the last few lazy days of summer, this is no time to be forgetting about your fitness goals! Before you cool off in the hammock, head out and try one of these activities with your family.

Make a game out of it. Splurge on some great sports equipment, and see who’s got game in your family! Try volleyball and badminton, or capitalize on the recent World Cup hoopla and kick a soccer ball around. You can compete and keep score, or just simply enjoy working up a sweat together. You could also check out some fitness DVDs that everyone can do together, for example, if your husband is a golfer, try a sports-specific DVD that features workouts to help improve his swing.

Hit the road with your crew. Pump up your tires and take your bikes out on the road. If your neighborhood roads are too busy for safe riding, look up bike trails in your neighborhood or take your bikes to the local park to log some miles. (And don’t forget your bike helmets!) Even just a walk or hike through a local park would be a welcome way to combine fitness, fun and a little bit of nature education, too!

Have fun with H20. Don’t let the scorching summer temperatures spoil the fun—just add a little water to the mix! If you have a pool, you can try jogging in it, which will be much gentler on your joints and cooler for your body than a land run. It’s an especially wonderful workout if you’re in the midst of a heat wave! If you can’t beat the heat in a pool, try a water balloon or water gun fight or take a run through the sprinkler with your kids. And if you’re near a body of water, kayaking or canoeing are great workouts for your upper body muscles, while surfing and boogie boarding are great ways to burn calories and work your core muscles. No matter how you choose to make a splash, just remember that even if you’re working out in the water, you still need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Take your regular workout outside. You don’t have to stay indoors to get your strength training workout or yoga on—just grab your yoga mat and your weights and enjoy a little fresh air with your fitness. Even little kids can try some basic yoga moves to build strength and flexibility.

The main point is that the family that plays together, stays together! I want you all to have fun being active! Play games outside—try tag or hide and seek with younger kids, tug of war, jump roping or hula hoop contests with older kids. As long as you’re having fun, it definitely won’t feel like a workout!

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