Working Out With the Family

Try one of these tips to get everyone in on the fun this summer!

Fitness is a lifelong pursuit, so you should get your kids in on the action as early as you possibly can! Fortunately, there are plenty of fun exercise ideas that can work for your entire family. Being active as a family is a great way to get a workout in without even knowing it. Try one of these tips to get everyone in on the fun this summer!

  • Work as a team. Try out a few team sports and see if there’s one that everyone in your family loves. Whether you end up playing kickball in the backyard, basketball at the local court, or volleyball at the beach, or badminton, you’ll learn how to work well together—and your kids will pick up some stellar skills that could lead to future sports greatness.

  • Put them to work. Chores definitely get everyone up and moving—and they’ll keep your house spotless, too! Little ones can start with dusting and picking up toys off the floor, while bigger kids can tackle lawn mowing, weeding and vacuuming. Here’s a tip that I do: Blast their favorite, fun music as you all work together, to make the activity more fun – and go by faster. After they finish, come up with a fun way to reward them like setting up the sprinkler outside or biking for a cold treat.

  • Take a hike. Kids definitely love outdoor time—and an easy hike is a great way to get even the smallest kiddos out and about. If you have a really little one, grab a baby carrier to tote him or her around! Consider it multitasking—hiking helps you de-stress, stay active, and gives you the opportunity to give your kids a little nature education. Be sure to bring snacks and water on the trail. Make it a game – wear your pedometers, and see who logs the most steps. It’s a fun, healthy challenge!

  • Walk, don’t watch. Vegging on the couch is no way to stay fit. So make it a rule that everyone needs to go for a stroll after dinner each night—no channel surfing allowed. It doesn’t have be a long walk, maybe just 10 minutes around your neighborhood. You’ll sneak in a little extra fitness, and a little quality chatting time, too.

  • Learn something new together. Fitness classes can be fun for everyone! Scout around for classes at your local community center or gym. Whether you all want to get your Zen on in a yoga class or kick it up a notch with karate, you’ll have a blast learning new skills together. Don’t forget about fitness DVDs too – a lot of my fans say their kids work out to my new DVDs with them! Try one of my latest You Can Do It! DVDs: Total Body Toning, Beginner Yoga, or Fat Burning Cardio. Just have your kids avoid any exercises with weights!

  • Channel your inner kid. Run around your backyard squirting each other with hoses or water toys, and go ahead and hopscotch and jump rope. It can be just as fun to hula hoop now as it was when you were little.

Here is the most important rule for all of you: Make it fun! Fitness shouldn’t be a chore—you should have fun doing it. Look for activities that you enjoy, whether it’s gardening, splashing in the pool, riding bikes, or dancing around the house. If it makes you happy, you’re more likely to keep doing it!

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